The Dwight Show

“Will he stay or will he go now…” I think we all know it’s a go, but who will land the defensive stud. A swap of centers in L.A. to give the Lakers their needed anchor with a perimeter that’s a few seasons from rigamortis? The Rockets, to team with Lin-sanity and try to accomplish what McGrady and Yao couldn’t, get out of the first round? Or the Brooklyn Nets to team with Williams and Johnson for yet another Big 3 in the East? These teams all seem like viable destinations, but something tells me the Howard Saga will continue to surprise. I would still place money on Mark Cuban making another run at Dwight. I could see a scenario where the Mavs part with players such as Chris Kaman, Darren Collison, Elton Brand, O.J. Mayo, etc. for Howard. They would have to sell Dwight on the idea that they will land Chris Paul in Free Agency the following year. It shouldn’t be too hard to sway Paul when you tell him he’ll have Dwight sitting under the rim and Dirk at the top of the key when he drives… anyway you shake it though, the Magic are screwed.


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