Hope “NoNo”


Is it OK for current players to criticize comments made by former greats? Well, sure it is, except in the case of Hope Solo. The U.S. women’s goalkeeper vaulted into headlines this week with her questionable tweets directed towards former U.S. women’s soccer stand out, Brandi Chastain. In Solo’s comments, she attacks Chastain for her negative remarks made towards the women’s team, as well as calling into question Chastain’s support for U.S. women’s soccer. I have no problem with Hope Solo defending her squad and teammates, but to say Brandi Chastain isn’t supportive of the women’s team or soccer as a whole is way off base. While Hope Solo was fielding kicks at Washington University, Brandi Chastain was scoring the winning goal in the ’99 World Cup, propelling U.S. women’s soccer into world spotlight. Since then Chastain has been nothing but a model ambassador for women’s soccer both here and around the world. Although I don’t have an issue with players voicing their feelings, I honestly don’t see what is to gain from it in this instance. To expect a soccer analyst in Brandi Chastain to be censored in her opinions is simply unreasonable. Instead Hope should focus her time and energy in assuring she and her team are in the best position to succeed in these Olympics. If she can manage that, I am sure analysts like Brandi Chastain will do nothing but shower them with praise.


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