Tim Sanchez?


Can two quarterbacks both getting playing time exist peacefully on the same squad, and even stand to benefit the team? My honest opinion is yes…. unless the team is New York, and the backup quarterback is Tim Tebow. Sure, in a perfect world why couldn’t the starting QB drive the length of the field, then have the backup come in for the Red Zone score? Tebowmania, that’s why, the media hurricane that is Tim Tebow  will simply not allow a healthy growth of an offense. The New York Press will look to exaggerate ANY storyline that comes out of training camp or during the season. I am in the minority, however, in thinking that Tebow’s signing is good for Mark Sanchez. The struggles and failures of Tim Tebow and the Jets hybrid offense will only cast Sanchez in a better light and help to repair his doubted value to fans. Don’t expect Project Tebow to last much longer then two seasons. Head Coach Rex Ryan is already extending himself in a city that has little patience for disappointment. I am surprised with all the talk of what Tim Tebow the football player can do, no one suggested he try punter. He could punt, run fakes, and most likely be an improvement in punt coverage… but then again that’s in a perfect world.


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