Character Flaws

Is it fair to raise a flag on running back Silas Redd’s character after recently transferring from Penn St. University to USC? Of course it is fair, but how much of a flag is another discussion… NFL scouts can view Redd’s decision in two ways. From the positive, Redd looks like a football player who is hungry for victory and success and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve his goals now. On the negative side of things, Silas Redd can be viewed as being selfish and cowardly in turning his back on his school and teammates. The fact of the matter is that the NCAA granted Penn St. football players the option to transfer elsewhere… So players like Silas Redd shouldn’t be harshly criticized for something they were permitted to do. There is, however, something that needs to be said about the character of the players staying at Penn St. Whether to preserve a historical football program or to help start a new culture, the current players need to be commended for their loyalty to both their school and teammates… NFL scouts take note of these men!


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