The Air Up There






Since signing with the Denver Broncos on March 20, 2012, Peyton Manning truly hasn’t explained how he came to his decision. Was it Denver’s solid offensive line? Youthful receivers? Or a defense that showed upside in the 2011-’12 season? Nope, I am here to tell you all that it was the AIR… What has the knock been on Peyton since his surgeries? That he doesn’t have the arm strength like he used to have, and that it may never return to 100%. Denver, with the high altitude, provides Peyton with assistance in his throws… He can throw further with less effort. I feel that slight advantage along with his friendship to John Elway were the leading factors in Peyton’s decision to go to Denver. Looking ahead, however, something tells me this isn’t Peyton’s final stop… Denver, whether people admit or not, is still in a rebuilding phase. I could see Peyton getting traded to a more veteran ready team such as the Ravens or 49ers for one more crack at it.


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