Maurice Jones Drew to the New York Giants? Sounds to good to be true, but maybe not when you look at all the variables. The former 2nd round pick from 2006, currently in contract dispute, has been disgruntled in Jacksonville. The owner Shad Kahn has made his position clear that the Jaguars will not renegotiate while MJD has years left on his deal. This does not bode well for Jones Drew who has put up monster stats throughout his career and was the NFL’s leading rusher in the 2011-’12 season. So how do the Giants fit into all of this? It is well documented how much New York’s rush offense suffered in 2011-’12, in a year they managed to win the Super Bowl. With the loss of Brandon Jacobs to the 49ers, Ahmad Bradshaw’s clay feet, and an untested rookie in David Wilson, the Giants have questions in the backfield once again. To make a trade for Maurice Jones Drew would be a colossal deal for all parties involved. The Giants get their proven back that they need to pair with Bradshaw and help mentor their young rookie. MJD would have a chance to compete for a championship on a team that is rich in football history and in a division that his talents would be in the spotlight. Of course MJD would still want his extension, which I’m sure the Giants would ink, assuming the teams trade… But what do you give up for a 27-year-old rushing leader? As a Giants fan speaking, I would be comfortable with trading up to a first round draft pick for the running back. A rebuild team in the Jaguars would have a hard time passing up high draft picks for a player they don’t want to pay and who is reaching then end of their career. Although a 1st round pick is a steep price to pay, the move would put the Giants in a position to win now. If New York could land an elite running back in MJD, expect their offense to be lethal for the foreseeable future.


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