Move over fellas we have a woman making her debut on the gridiron. OK, so she isn’t suiting up in pads but rather stripes and whistle. On Thursday Shannon Eastin will make history by becoming the first woman to referee an NFL game. Since the NFL announced she will be working the Chargers and Packers preseason game, there have been mixed emotions. On one side of the ball many feel any person has the right to be a referee. As long as they call a good game, there should be no issue what gender, race, or creed that person is. Others, however, believe football is a “mans” sport and the mere presence of a woman on the field would go against the NFL’s longstanding culture. Although I agree that a woman on the field would be a strange sight, I am more in agreement that referees should be chosen based on quality of work. As a sports fan I am less concerned with who is giving the penalty as opposed to what the penalty is. I understand this can be somewhat of a culture shock, but on the bright side, if the women are attractive it may help to bring people around… I might not mind so much if my team gets called for false start if the referee announcing the penalty doesn’t look like a foot… But I’m sure id still yell at the TV screen.


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