Old Man Weeden

The Cleveland Browns announced Monday Aug. 6, 2012 that they have named rookie Brandon Weeden as starter for the 2012 season. The move, which marks the end of the short-lived Colt McCoy era, comes to no surprise. The 22nd overall pick in the draft has been under scrutiny for his age since his days at Oklahoma State. Although the experts throw their caution flags at Weeden, I feel his age was one of the contributing factors behind him being named starter. Being drafted to a team with an established starter may seem like a bad situation for a rookie quarterback. In most cases the rookie would have to play behind the starter, and only see the field through injury or when the team felt it was time. Due to Weeden’s advanced age, coaches don’t have the luxury of waiting a season(s) to develop him. To wait even one season, Weeden would be starting at an age that some quarterbacks begin declining in production… If Weeden is successful you may see older players have more of an opportunity coming out of college or in free agency. Although certain to be shorter careers in the NFL, the life experience an older player may bring could prove to be valuable for the NFL and its franchises


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