Stale Popcorn

“Get your popcorn ready…” Once again as controversial wide receiver Terrell Owens gets signed to the Seattle Seahawks. So is this a good or a bad move? I guess it depends whose side you’re looking from. In terms of the league as a whole, this is a great move. One of the biggest headline makers in maybe the last ten years gets back out on the field. In whats already the biggest sport in America, even an old T.O. will add to viewership. From Owens’ perspective, how could this not be a good thing. The 38-year-old receiver wasn’t fielding many offers from around the league, so I’d have to believe T.O. is excited just for the opportunity. Really the only loser in this whole thing is the Seahawks… With a team that struggles to find any offensive identity, I find it hard to see where T.O. fits in. Whether Owens is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th on the depth chart, the focus will be on quarterback Matt Flynn. If Flynn can play well and validate the large contract he received in free agency, T.O. will be a non-issue regardless of his production. If Flynn fails to perform, a stronger light will be cast on what T.O. does during the season.


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