Sleepers, Keepers, or Bust



Here are the top 5 lists by position of who I think will be the top fantasy performers this season. I am sure I will raise a few eyebrows, but we will have to wait till the end of the season to see how it all pans out…


1. Aaron Rodgers – With no running game and a questionable defense, Rodgers will have plenty of chances again this season for fantasy points.

2. Cam Newton – Although I don’t think Cam will match his numbers from last year, I expect him to put together another solid fantasy season.

3. Eli Manning – Almost eclipsing the 5,000 yard marker last season, I expect Eli to be tops in fantasy with a backfield that will help him more this season.

4. Tom Brady – Hard to choose against the “Golden Boy”, I feel I would have rated him better had it not been for questions on the O-Line.

5. Joe Flacco – Maybe a surprise, I feel Flacco will take a big statistical step forward with more trust being given to him in the offense.


1. LeSean McCoy – Picking up from last year, I expect McCoy to have a monster stats year in an offense that will try to protect Vick from injury.

2. Steven Jackson – With Jeff Fisher at head coach, I can see Jackson back on top of the league as the premiere back people may have forgotten him to be.

3. Ray Rice – One of the most lethal offensive weapons in the NFL, I feel his numbers may drop slightly with an emerging Flacco.

4. Darren McFadden – As long as he can stay healthy, I don’t see defenses being able to stop McFadden from putting up huge fantasy points.

5. Chris Johnson – With an inexperienced Jake Locker getting the QB job, I see Johnson getting plenty of carries to help the young QB ease into the offense.


1. A.J. Green – It sounds weird but Dalton to Green has a chance to be one of the most prolific combinations in the NFL… Green will have a huge year!

2. Calvin Johnson – With teams likely having to quadruple team Megatron, I find it hard to see him repeating his production from last season.

3. Victor Cruz – Let the Salsa commence, Cruz’s production is here to stay.

4. Larry Fitzgerald – I would have rated him higher if Arizona actually had a QB on their depth chart…

5. Steve Smith (CAR) – Smith’s career has been resurrected with the arrival of Cam Newton, I see Smith putting together another top 5 fantasy season.


1. Antonio Gates –  A healthy Gates is a deadly Gates. I expect him back to his dominant form coming off an injury plagued season a year ago.

2. Jimmy Graham – Now one of Brees’ go to guys, I see him getting a lot of the Saints red zone looks.

3. Aaron Hernandez – The more versatile of Belichick’s tight ends, I see Hernandez having a better fantasy year this season with “Gronk” drawing most of the double teams.

4. Kyle Rudolph – With Peterson coming off a bad injury and Harvin, who has always battled health issues, I see Rudolph getting plenty of targets as the young QB Ponder develops in his second year.

5. Vernon DavisDavis will continue to show dominance but will always be held back statistically because of the offense he is in.


1. Eagles – With a year to gel and bolster up at linebacker, I see the Eagles as tops in the NFL on all defensive levels.

2. 49ers – With basically all starters returning on defense, I find it hard to think Willis and the gang won’t impress.

3. Giants – Additions at linebacker and in the secondary will give the Giants the push to be an elite fantasy defense.

4. Buccaneers – Maybe a surprise pick, I feel the Bucs will have a youthful hunger on defense behind rookie head coach Greg Schiano.

5. Ravens – What’s a defensive list without the Ravens, however, I feel the loss of Suggs hurts them from a fantasy perspective.


1. Mason Crosby (GB) – One of the most high-powered offenses in the NFL, I at least see him making a lot of extra points.

2. Matt Prater (DEN) – An already solid kicker, Denver’s altitude gives you the chance for longer field goal attempts, as well as Peyton Manning’s ability to get points when in the red zone.

3. Hartley/Kasay (NO) – Who ever is the winner of the Saints kicker duel will have plenty of chances to put of fantasy points in New Orleans’ high-powered offense.

4. Stephen Gostkowski (NE) – Always a safe fantasy pick, you are basically guaranteed points from Gostkowski once New England crosses the 50.

5. Dan Carpenter (MIA) – Maybe a shocker, the lack of offense in Miami gives Carpenter the opportunity for some 5 field goal games. Of course you also run the risk of getting a goose egg…


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