The Hot Seat


With a record-setting number of  teams with new starting QB’s this season, it got me thinking of what teams could make a change at field general should their team’s record go awry this year. Below listed are the teams in order that I feel are most likely to make a change at QB next season. Let me know if you feel any other QB’s are in danger of losing their starting job…


-Arizona Cardinals: (Who Ever They Finish With)
The most obvious of QB changes coming, the Cardinals are crying for a QB to take control of the job. I can see their GM on the phone right now begging Kurt Warner to take the job back.


-Denver Broncos: Peyton Manning
With only a two-year deal, Peyton’s second year with the Broncos may depend solely on his first season back from injury. If the Broncos struggle or Peyton can’t make the comeback like most expect he will, I see Denver going in a different direction, especially if the Broncos get a high pick.


-Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo
When Jerry Jones spoke of the teams window closing, I believe he was speaking directly about Tony Romo. Another postseason absence will go along way in earning Romo a trip out of Dallas. I think a long shot scenario could be the Broncos trading Peyton Manning and a draft pick for Tony Romo.


-Seattle Seahawks: (Who Ever They Finish With)
Pete Carroll is like a kid in a candy store with QB’s. He can’t make up his mind what type of QB he wants to lead his team, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes starters 3 times this season alone.


-San Francisco 49ers: Alex Smith
With relations between Smith and the team already shaken from the beginning of the offseason, I don’t think it’s out of lines to say that the team would look in a different direction if Smith fails to get it done this season.


-Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel
With injury issues and a list of team disappointments that are piling up, I see the Chiefs looking in another direction if Cassel can’t lead them to the playoffs this season.


-Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman
Going along the same lines as my Christian Ponder theory, if Freeman performs the way he did last season, new head coach Greg Schiano may want to make a QB change to someone he believes in. The free agents and rookies Tampa acquired during the offseason, however, should go along way to help Freeman keep his starting job.


-Oakland Raiders: Carson Palmer
Although the Raiders gave up a great deal to acquire Palmer, we have seen with teams like the Cardinals and Seahawks willing to bench high paid QB’s for a better producer. If Palmer shows the rust he displayed last season, he may not get another chance with the black and silver.


-Buffalo Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick
Although recently signed to an extension, if Fitzpatrick leads the league in interceptions again this season, expect a QB change sooner than later.


-Minnesota Vikings: Christian Ponder
I give Ponder the benefit of the doubt, I think he has a chance to be a good NFL starter. However, if the Vikings have another poor season and the team changes head coaches, I fear for Ponders job. A new head coach may want to start over fresh, which certainly wouldn’t bode well for Ponder and an already aging Adrian Peterson.


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  1. Lets take a gander here of how accurate I was selecting some of these QB’s on the “Hot Seat”. Strong play from Peyton Manning, Josh Freeman, and the emergence of rookie QB Russell Wilson have obviously gotten them off the heat. I for one stand corrected on Peyton Manning…. Shame on me for thinking one of the all time greats could be replaced (ALL HAIL MANNING!) Josh Freeman, although missing the playoffs, showed signs of his 2010 self and most likely did enough to retain his spot. The Seahawks seem to have landed themselves a true pro in Russell Wilson. It was my belief that Seattle didn’t yet have their QB on the roster, but Wilson proved that wrong. I truly hope Wilson continues to develop… it is great to see teams that have been down for seasons make a turnaround.

    As for the remaining QB’s on the list, its not impossible to think that all of these players could be replaced… in the case of Alex Smith, it already happened. Other teams that can be put on this list include the Jets, Browns, Eagles, and Jaguars. However, with such a weak free agent market, and QB draft class this year… its possible many players stay put.

    February 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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