To Play Or Not To Play?

With the NFL season underway and the introduction of Thursday night games into week 2 this year, the question must be asked… Are Thursday night games good for the NFL? In my opinion, from a fans standpoint, I would say NO. Aside from the inconvenience of having to pay for an extra channel, I feel it is unfair to give teams altered weeks of preparation due to the scheduling. If a team plays on Thursday and then has a Monday night game, that team would have 11 days to prepare for the game… If a team has a Monday night game and is then scheduled for a Thursday game, that team would have only 4 days for preparation. It is unsafe to give players that short of time to recover between games and it is unfair to give teams differing amounts of preparation time. With such a strong emphasis on player safety and game integrity today, its shocking a change hasn’t been made. From the NFL’s point of view, however, I can see how Thursday night games could be beneficial. The added game day provides more opportunity to generate revenue and gain exposure for the league. Although the NFL may benefit from holding games on Thursday, I feel the inconsistencies in preparation for teams surrounding Thursday night games will contribute to a lesser product of the field.


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