Endangered Species

With about half the NFL season in the books and the Philadelphia Eagles sitting at 3-4… is it safe to say the birds have kicked the bucket?… of course not… but the clock is running out on their season and job security for some individuals. After picking the Eagles preseason to be tops in the NFL, I have backed off the prediction to say the least. However, I do not place the bulk of the blame for the Eagles woes on the players but rather the coaching. Being a New York Giants fan, I have to say I am thrilled with the struggles of the NFC East opponents this season; but as a fan of the NFL I am in agony. To sit week in and week out and watch Coach Andy Reid place his ego before his team is sickening. I typically hold to the idea that coaches don’t play and the players have to win the game, but when the coach doesn’t put the player in a position to win; the blame falls back on the coach. It is clear with a poor offensive line and a struggling Michael Vick; Andy Reid should be adapting his offense to be more productive. Instead he is firing Defensive Coordinators (Juan Castillo) that shouldn’t have had the position in the first place. Here is some advice Mr. Reid… RUN THE BALL!!! The Eagles have one of the most dynamic running backs in the NFL (LeSean McCoy), and yet Reid consistently manages to only give him 20 touches a game. After coming off a record year in TD production, it seemed obvious Reid and the offense would lean more on their work horse… but games go by and all I see is Bryce Brown on the field where McCoy should be, and the Eagles throwing in situations they should be running. Although it is still early to give up hope, it is hard to see the Eagles climbing out of their huge hole in the NFC playoff picture. Unfortunately Reid may have finally lost his locker room and we could be watching the end for the longest tenured coach in the NFL.


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