Goodell’s “Stern” Approach



After the NFL’s week 8 game in London between the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams, I ask the question… Is overseas play good for the NFL? With the model for international success being how Commissioner David Stern elevated the NBA on the global stage, Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners are working to do the same for their league. What are the goals of the NFL’s efforts abroad… Is it the focus of the league to one day have teams in locations such as Canada, Europe, etc. or will the Commissioner and owners be content with the exposure received from the few regular season games played abroad now? I am all for promoting the game of football around the world; however, I am against expanding to new teams in such places. Although the NFL stands to benefit a great deal from expansion, as a fan I feel it will negatively affect the on field product. I seriously doubt players and coaches will be as sharp if their jumping continents for games each week… not to mention the league may have to look into altering its name to accommodate an expansion. “The IFL… Yeah, that just doesn’t sound right…”


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