“Et, tu, Harbaugh”

With the recent benching of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, many questions are swirling over head coach Jim Harbaugh’s decision to start 2nd year quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Although Kaepernick starting 2-0 in Smith’s absence helped to sway opinions, his recent struggles in a 16-13 OT loss to the St. Louis Rams has some calling for Smith’s return. In my opinion coach Harbaugh has opened a Pandora’s Box that can only be fixed by winning it all this year. At this point, it won’t matter who the 49ers start at quarterback… If San Francisco fails to win the Super Bowl, the talk after will be…“Well could the other guy have gotten it done?” This is the situation Harbaugh has put his team in. If Kaepernick remains the starter and fails, the ” I told you so” attitude will come out from those who felt Harbaugh made a mistake by not sticking with Alex Smith. If Harbaugh were to switch back to Smith, and Smith were to come up short again… his “limited ceiling of potential” being a hindrance to the team would flood discussions, and voices would credit Kaepernick with giving the 49ers a better chance to win. At this juncture in the season, I feel you have to stick with Kaepernick as the starter. I feel Kaepernick allows the 49ers offense to be more dynamic, and with 4 games remaining in the season he will have the chance to learn and try to build some momentum/chemistry with the team to potentially move into the playoffs with. If San Francisco were to win the Super Bowl, this quarterback controversy would be an afterthought regardless who finishes the game behind center… but if the 49ers fail this season, expect a turbulent offseason where Jim Harbaugh’s mettle as head coach will be tested.

"Et, tu, Harbaugh"


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