Play Like A Champion Tonight

With the BCS National Championship Game upon us, experts are debating which team will come out on top. While most are picking the “Crimson Red” as the no-brainer choice, I find myself unable to pick against the “Golden Domers” in this one. Perhaps it is my affinity for the underdog… I just sense something special about this team and what they’ve accomplished this year. Every season, regardless of sport, a “team of destiny” comes to life. This is a team that achieves in the face of adversity and captivates the heart and mind through tremendous storylines. While these teams don’t all necessarily win Championships, they often find “magic” when they need it most. When Notre Dame held USC on a goal-line stand to go undefeated, I was convinced we were witnessing a “team of destiny.” Now the only thing that stands in Notre Dame’s way of being a “team of legend” is a team seeking its second straight National Championship. In the end I feel the players will be a push in this game and the outcome will come down to a few crucial coaching decisions. Can Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly and his staff call a game that will keep Alabama on its heels, or will coach Nick Saban earn his fourth Championship victory?

I predict Notre Dame will pull out the win in a thriller… 20-16 GO IRISH!!!

Play Like A Champion Tonight


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  1. So much for that prediction… I truly felt that the heart and passion Notre Dame had played with all season would help keep them in the game with a team that has superior talent. Unfortunately that was not the case and we were all subject to a game that I’m sure most of us turned off at the half. Not that I really had any rooting interests in this one… I would have at least liked to see a competitive game. Oh Well, there’s always the Super Bowl… Oh Wait! The Giants didn’t make the playoffs this year… DAMN!!!

    January 9, 2013 at 4:00 am

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